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As the flow of investment has been directed towards Saudi Arabia, global investors seek a trusted business partner to support them with their corporate goals.
Being the leading business setup advisory in the Middle East, Creative Zone Saudi Arabia has stepped in to meet all your business needs as a one-stop shop. We boast the expertise and experience in handling SMEs to large-size corporations in the region.

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    in Saudi Arabia

    Strategic Location. Full Business Ownership. Ease of Doing Business

    Saudi Arabia has positioned itself as the most sought-after business destination. It is time to incorporate your business in the Kingdom, so you can benefit from lucrative financial and regulatory incentives.

    Priority Sectors
    in Saudi Arabia

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

    Biotech &

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

    Metals &

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

    Agriculture &
    Food Processing

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

    Healthcare &
    Life Sciences

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia


    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia


    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

    Petrochemicals &
    Conversion Industries

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia


    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

    Human Capital &

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

    Tourism &

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia


    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia


    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia


    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

    Transport &

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia


    Business Structures
    in Saudi Arabia

    Understanding the corporate legal structures in Saudi Arabia and how they differ from other jurisdictions is crucial. The decision will differ based on various commercial factors, including the organisational structure of management, the preferred number of shareholders, and the nature of your company’s business activities.

    Contact Creative Zone Saudi Arabia
    to decide on a suitable business structure for your business.

    Step-by-Step Process
    for Setting Up Business
    in Saudi Arabia

    Simplified and Streamlined Incorporation Process

    From consultation to the entire business setup, Creative Zone Saudi Arabia ensures a smart investor journey for you.


    Free Consultation with Creative Zone Saudi Arabia

    Consult with our expert advisor to explore business setup opportunities, discuss your requirements, and gain insights into the best approach for your investor journey in Saudi Arabia.


    Determine the Suitable Legal Structure

    Our advisor will assist you in evaluating and determining the most suitable legal structure for your business setup, tailored to your specific needs and objectives.


    Specify Your Preferred Business Activities

    We will discuss and identify your preferred business activities, ensuring that they align with the regulations and requirements in Saudi Arabia.


    Make Payment

    The last step in registering a business in Shams is paying for the required fees. Once paid you will receive a payment confirmation and license processing timeline. Usually it takes within a week to get the free zone trade license issued.

    We will help you compile the following documents for the notarisation and legalisation of your parent company in Saudi Arabia:

    • Memorandum & Articles of Association
    • Business License
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Board Resolution
    • Power of Attorney

    Your business incorporation journey is smooth with Creative Zone Saudi Arabia, as we have the expertise to handle all challenges and intricacies.


    Partner with Creative Zone Saudi Arabia

    Once you choose Creative Zone Saudi Arabia as your trusted business partner, you can be stress-free and confident throughout your investor journey in Saudi Arabia.



    Document Preparation

    Before proceeding to the next step, We ensure all necessary documents are in order.



    Apply for MISA License

    In Saudi Arabia, as a foreigner, you are required to obtain a MISA investment license. We can assist you in getting your investment license from the Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia.



    Memorandum of Association

    We provide support with the documentation of the Memorandum of Association and assist you in submitting the required documents.



    Commercial Registration

    This stage holds significant importance in your business journey, and we are dedicated to helping you navigate it seamlessly. Once your Commercial Registration is issued, we will proceed to the next stage.



    Registration with Government Departments

    We offer assistance in opening files with government departments and registering on government portals.



    Opening Corporate Bank Account

    Opening a corporate bank account in Saudi Arabia is essential to operate your business. We assist in opening a business account to facilitate the process for you.

    Documents Required for
    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

    Our Comprehensive Corporate Services in Saudi Arabia

    Creative Zone Saudi Arabia is Your
    Trusted Business Partner in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia offers abundant business and investment opportunities. However, if you are unfamiliar with the local business environment, you must have a corporate setup specialist to guide you through challenges and pitfalls.

    Creative Zone Saudi Arabia is your trusted partner to simplify your corporate journey in Saudi Arabia
    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia


    We offer a full range of company formation, operation and growth services.

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia


    We understand clients have diverse needs, so we offer packages that suit your needs and budget.

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia


    With years of experience working with global clients, our team has the right expertise for your business setup.

    Build Your Successful Business in
    Saudi Arabia with Creative Zone Saudi Arabia!

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    Creative Zone has one mission – to serve as a one-stop company for all your company needs.

    Over the last 12 years, our team has helped over 45,000 startups and SMEs expand and grow their business.

    We offer tailored business solutions that will help your business from pre- to post-launching.

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