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Agriculture License
in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is boosting its agricultural endeavors due to heightened food demand and government emphasis on domestic food production. The challenges of a severe climate and limited arable land have propelled the government to pioneer in novel agricultural technologies. Notably, Saudi Arabia spearheads substantial agricultural ventures in the Middle East, particularly in date palm, poultry, dairy, and aquaculture sectors.

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    Overview of Saudi Arabia’s
    Agriculture Sector

    The Importance of the
    Agriculture Industry in Saudi Arabia

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

    Food Security

    The agriculture industry is pivotal in maintaining food security, ensuring adequate food supply to cater to the needs of the country’s growing population.

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

    Diversification of Economy

    The sector plays a crucial role in diversifying the nation’s economy, reducing reliance on oil exports.

    Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

    Export Revenue

    Agriculture significantly contributes to the national revenue through exports of key commodities like dates, vegetables, and fruits.

    Requirements for Agricultural Licensing in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of of Environment, Water, and Agriculture is responsible for overseeing agricultural licensing. Securing such licenses requires obtaining approval for various agricultural endeavours, ranging from planting to exporting. The licensing requirements for these may vary depending on the project’s nature and scale.

    Companies operating in the agricultural sector must adhere to stringent regulations and secure necessary permits to ensure that they legally operate in the country. The licensing process evaluate several factors, including location, water sources, and land utilization. Moreover, there’s an emphasis on environmental assessments and compliance with both domestic and international guidelines.


    You will provide a certified copy of the commercial registration of the shareholding entity from the Saudi Embassy, and, if applicable, the national identity of a partner who is a citizen of a GCC country (assuming they aren’t registered in the ABSHAR system).


    Authenticated financial statements from the previous fiscal year of the foreign company, as approved by the Saudi Embassy.


    There should be a consistency between the Saudi shareholder’s percentage and the capital, in alignment with the set financial thresholds pertinent to the activity type.


    Holders of premium residency are exempt from the above documents.


    Should any partner have previously been licensed by the Ministry of Investment, this information must be meticulously detailed in the relevant section when completing the electronic application.


    During the electronic application process, the applicant is required to input the details pertaining to the Saudi national identity, premium residency, or residence if held by any partner. Additionally, commercial registration data for the participating Saudi companies should be included.

    Process to Secure a RHQ License
    in Saudi Arabia

    It should be noted that obtaining an RHQ license in Saudi Arabia may be a lengthy process, spanning several months. The requirements and procedures vary depending on the nature of the business and its specific circumstances.

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